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More specifically, welcome to Omega Space.

This page is your guide to the sights, sounds, and stories that can be found in this mysterious and expansive place.

To understand what the Cypherverse is, and what has shaped it until now you will want to read:

The Story So Far...

From here you can get lost in the rabbit-hole of links to uncover some of the mysteries unfolding within Omega Space.

🪐  Omega Space

If you're looking to get your bearings, the Omega System page is a good place to start. Here you will be introduced to the various planets, moons and unusual phenomena that define life in the System.

⚔️  Factions

There are four main Factions in the Omega System. These Factions represents opposing world-views, and are at the heart of all things VoxoDeus. Explore each one and become familiar with their origins, politics and position.

🧝🏽‍♀️  Archetypes

Want to know more about the characters of the VoxoDeus collection? Archetypes is your next stop. These are the sapiens, robits, augs, exomorphs and Ascendii that make up the key players in the unfolding story.

📜  Mythologies

There are countless Mythologies and fables told throughout the Omega System, as created by our amazing community. Anyone can contribute to the weave of lore, and here is where you can find some of those works.

Events & CypherTales